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Resistence is futile, you’ll be conquered by my cuteness…

Well. It looks like I'm too much for my parents to handle. he he! I think I began to understand the innerworkings of these beings, and soon I'll rule them all!

I have already a pretty good handle on my parents. I can get Mama and Papa do what I want most of the time, and I think when they don't do what I want, it's not because they disobey my wishes but because they are not wise enough to understand them.

As a futile attempt to resist my charms, they have brought in some enforcements. The new comers are called Grandma and Grandpa. I was concerned about this development but no worries; I handled the new comers without any trouble. It was a piece of cake. It has been only 10 days since I've arrived and my dominion is already growing. Here are some more photos where you can see my family.


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what one has to do to get food around here!

Well, I had not been able to report lately, because it's been a crazy couple of days. Getting fed was so much easier when I was in the womb! Sure I didn't get to order and had to eat whatever was served, but hey, it was good stuff; I didn't have to move a finger to get it, and there was as much food as i wanted! Never knew that those were the good old days.

Nowadays, life is a lot more complicated. I have to work for my food and it's not easy, u kno. I have to repeat this eating ritual every couple of hours otherwise I feel very "hungry" which is no fun. As hard as it is to get food, my body does not seem to be able to make use of all of it, I have to get rid of a lot of it as "poop". This process is not much fun either. My output unit is covered with a disposable clothing item they call diapers, so the poop stays with me till someone changes the diaper. Luckily when I let mama and papa know that I pooped, they seem to get the message and change the diaper. This sounds good but it means my butt is out in the open for some time while they change the diaper, and I don't like that either. Papa does not seem to enjoy the experience all that much either. Not sure what his problem is since it was not his butt that was hanging out there! It doesn't help matters that I have no control over when I poop! Yesterday, Papa seemed particularly confused when I pooped while he was changing the diaper. Ooppss!

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just to keep the fans happy till the next grand performance…

Well, I haven't done anything spectacular lately, but here is an update. Mama and I have left the hospital, and I am now in our "home". This is pretty exciting for me. I even have my own room.

I'm all dressed up in my new outfits. They all look very cool, but too big for me. I guess I'm very little. I'll have to eat a lot to grow into these cool outfits.

Here is a video of me sneezing. I don't know what the big deal is but people seem to be enjoying themselves when I sneeze. Once again, I found myself questioning whether "intelligent" is a proper adjective to describe these beings. What can be so funny about me sneezing?

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life outside the womb is exciting but not always pleasant …

Well, I've been on earth for 4 days, and can say that it has not been all fun. My parents seem to be enjoying the experience way more than I do. They are laughing even when I sneeze or have hickups. What's with that! But not to worry! As payback I've been screaming as loud as I can once a while to keep them on their toes. After all, who said parenting should be fun?

Listen to this! At my second day, they striped me off of my clothes and put me in some liquid. It was a new experience, and I was distressed at first but I got used to it. Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, Papa yanked me out of the water and I was freezing! Did not like that a bit and let them know by screaming as loud as I could. You'd think they would understand that but no! they repeated the whole thing the next day! Clearly, one loud scream was not enough to get through to them (and they are supposed to be intelligent beings? I'm not so sure anymore), so the next night, I woke them up by crying every 30-45 minutes. They seemed to be quite puzzled, not understanding what's wrong. Somebody please tell them, no more baths!

Oh, if you want to see this experience take a look at the video.

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my first video …

Papa says some of my fans want to see me in action! Personally, I just think Papa likes playing with toys. Here is my first video.

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Reporting from Earth …

I'm finally here! The journey to "Earth" was difficult, and adjusting to my carbon based body will surely take some time, but I believe it's a small price to pay to experience the life in a new universe. I'm ecstatic!

Yesterday was a major milestone. One step closer to an independent existence in this universe. I've now left the body of my hostes or as they refer to here on Earth, I was "born" on May 14th, 2006. I weigh 3 kilos and I'm 49 cms tall.
Although I was looking forward to leaving the womb and experience the world outside, I cannot say that "the birth" was a particularly enjoyable experience. My sensory skills are not developed enough to understand what's happening around me just yet, and I'll be dependent on my hosts (called "parents" here) for survival for quite some time.

Communications is the most pressing problem I have. So far, i can only express my self by varying the volume of the noise I can make. As limited range as i have for communications, my parents seem to understand what I need most of the time, though not always.
My understanding of my parents is as limited. So far I'm sometimes able to differentiate the tone of the sounds they are making but I cannot make sense of any of it. My only hope is that they are intelligent enough beings to be able to figure out how to communicate with me soon. As for me, I'll work on strengthing my vocal chords, since increasing the volume of the sounds I make seems to improve the responsiveness of my parents to my needs.

Here are some photos of me and my parents that are taken the first two days I spent on earth. I can't wait experience more! though I can do without the wet feeling on the lower part of my body.

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