life outside the womb is exciting but not always pleasant …

Well, I've been on earth for 4 days, and can say that it has not been all fun. My parents seem to be enjoying the experience way more than I do. They are laughing even when I sneeze or have hickups. What's with that! But not to worry! As payback I've been screaming as loud as I can once a while to keep them on their toes. After all, who said parenting should be fun?

Listen to this! At my second day, they striped me off of my clothes and put me in some liquid. It was a new experience, and I was distressed at first but I got used to it. Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, Papa yanked me out of the water and I was freezing! Did not like that a bit and let them know by screaming as loud as I could. You'd think they would understand that but no! they repeated the whole thing the next day! Clearly, one loud scream was not enough to get through to them (and they are supposed to be intelligent beings? I'm not so sure anymore), so the next night, I woke them up by crying every 30-45 minutes. They seemed to be quite puzzled, not understanding what's wrong. Somebody please tell them, no more baths!

Oh, if you want to see this experience take a look at the video.


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