just to keep the fans happy till the next grand performance…

Well, I haven't done anything spectacular lately, but here is an update. Mama and I have left the hospital, and I am now in our "home". This is pretty exciting for me. I even have my own room.

I'm all dressed up in my new outfits. They all look very cool, but too big for me. I guess I'm very little. I'll have to eat a lot to grow into these cool outfits.

Here is a video of me sneezing. I don't know what the big deal is but people seem to be enjoying themselves when I sneeze. Once again, I found myself questioning whether "intelligent" is a proper adjective to describe these beings. What can be so funny about me sneezing?


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  1. ibiog said

    Hi Christine! Congratulations on the birth of your very pretty baby girl! I’ve enjoyed your (or should I say ‘her’) blog quite a bit.

    Question– how did you embed the “YouTube” video into your blog? I’ve tried a few things, but I can’t figure it out.

    -Your cousin, Pattie

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