Resistence is futile, you’ll be conquered by my cuteness…

Well. It looks like I'm too much for my parents to handle. he he! I think I began to understand the innerworkings of these beings, and soon I'll rule them all!

I have already a pretty good handle on my parents. I can get Mama and Papa do what I want most of the time, and I think when they don't do what I want, it's not because they disobey my wishes but because they are not wise enough to understand them.

As a futile attempt to resist my charms, they have brought in some enforcements. The new comers are called Grandma and Grandpa. I was concerned about this development but no worries; I handled the new comers without any trouble. It was a piece of cake. It has been only 10 days since I've arrived and my dominion is already growing. Here are some more photos where you can see my family.


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