what one has to do to get food around here!

Well, I had not been able to report lately, because it's been a crazy couple of days. Getting fed was so much easier when I was in the womb! Sure I didn't get to order and had to eat whatever was served, but hey, it was good stuff; I didn't have to move a finger to get it, and there was as much food as i wanted! Never knew that those were the good old days.

Nowadays, life is a lot more complicated. I have to work for my food and it's not easy, u kno. I have to repeat this eating ritual every couple of hours otherwise I feel very "hungry" which is no fun. As hard as it is to get food, my body does not seem to be able to make use of all of it, I have to get rid of a lot of it as "poop". This process is not much fun either. My output unit is covered with a disposable clothing item they call diapers, so the poop stays with me till someone changes the diaper. Luckily when I let mama and papa know that I pooped, they seem to get the message and change the diaper. This sounds good but it means my butt is out in the open for some time while they change the diaper, and I don't like that either. Papa does not seem to enjoy the experience all that much either. Not sure what his problem is since it was not his butt that was hanging out there! It doesn't help matters that I have no control over when I poop! Yesterday, Papa seemed particularly confused when I pooped while he was changing the diaper. Ooppss!


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