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Papa, why do you have such big teeth?

Comrades, I’m concerned! I hear some things, very disturbing things..

There has always been some talk about food and eating around me. As I’m continuously hungry, I assumed the conversation was about how to feed me, when to feed me, etc. But lately I’m getting this odd feeling that they are not talking about feeding me, but feed off me!

Yesterday, I was in that zone between sleep and awakeness (where I spend many hours), and I can swear that I heard a conversation where my Mama and Papa were negotiating about who gets to eat what part of me! May be it was just a nightmare but it spooked me. Field reports had no mention of cannibalism in this world! I’m going to flip out if I hear one more time that my arms are really the best part, or Papa prefers my cheeks.

What’s in this “milk” they give me anyway, causing such disturbing dreams..


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Maya’s Bed & Breakfast / Maya’nin Malikanesi

I don't get the concept of "money". prefer the bartering concept myself.

  • Cooking dinner : 1 day at Maya's (bonus for really good stuff!)
  • Mowing the lawn (while supplies last): 4 days at Maya's (refer to the photo at the previous posting)
  • Gardening: 4 days at Maya's
  • amusing me during evening hours: 1 day at Maya's
  • baby sitting while my parents are out: 1 day per hour at Maya's

Beni ziyaret edip Malikanemde zaman geçirmek isteyenler icin aşağıdaki tarife geçerlidir:

  • Güzel bir akşam yemeği: 1 gün (full pansiyon)
  • Çimlerin biçilmesi: 4 gün
  • Bahçıvanlık hizmetleri: 4 gün
  • Akşam saatlerinde beni eğlendirmek: 1 gün
  • Anne ve babam gezmeye gittiğinde bana bakmak: her saat için bir gün


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Life in the fast lane.

My life has been quite exciting lately. Apart from varios enjoyable poop stories, my parents urged me not to share in my blog (to protect my younger fans), there has been lots of activity. 

I had my first outing last Sunday to Geneva. My parents seemed to think it was a beautiful day and dede and babanne seemed to like the city, the lake and the mountains. Me, just enjoyed the ride in my 4×4 stroller. Liked the car ride too!

I also went to a "pool party" today. There was a lot of commotion before hand. Apprarently I got "dressed" (check out the photos). My parents, dede and babanne all were ridicuolusly excited. Not sure why everyone was so excited to dress me. It's not like it's not like I go around nude you kno. I get dressed every day (with some help).

Well I didn't see much of the party. There was a cute guy but he was too old for me (7 months!) and I didn't see much else since I was sleeping the whole time.

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Where are your pictures???

I was told that I'm a star! I was told that I had many fans through out the world. And I believed it. It made me very happy. I'm not so sure anymore. I asked my fans to send me their pictures so that I can get to know them too, but I received no pictures 😦 May be I don't have any fans, and papa is making all this up to make me happy. Are you out there ?

Last sunday, the grand parents shift change has occurred. Gramma has left and Dede and Babaanne have arrived! The party in the Mollamustafaoglu residence is continuing.

I also had my doctor visit. Doctor told me that I'm now 3.9kg ve 54.5 cm (that is 8,6 pounds and 21.5 inches for you metric challenged:) This means that since birth my weight has increased 30 percent and I'm 10 percent taller. Simple projection suggests that I'll be 70kg and 1.75cm (154 pounds and 5.7) within a year! Yessss! can't wait!

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Babaanne ve Papuli de geldiler!

Sevenlerim beni Cenevre'de ziyaret etmeye devam ediyorlar. Doğrusu son yazımdaki sevenlerimden bana fotoğraf göndermeleri çağrıma cevap gelmemesinden sonra babamın bahsettiği bu sevenlerim kimmiş merak etmeye başlamıştım. Dedem ve Babaannemin buralara kadar gelmesi (onların geldiği yer bizim sokağın sonundan bile çok daha uzakmış!) beni çok mutlu etti. Artık birşey isteyipte ağladığımda hemen biri geliyor, keyfim gıcır!

Babaannemin gelmesinden bir gün sonra Gramma gitti. Bu işe çok bozuldum ama evde çok insan vardı, birinin aradan sızdığnın farkına varamadım. Babam Gramma ile skype üzerinden görüşeceğimizi söyledi, neyse bari …

Bu arada ben artık büyüdüm! Doktor 3.9kg ve 54.5 cm olduğumu söyledi. Yani doğduğumdan beri ağırlığım yüzde 30 boyumsa yüzde 10 artmış. Bu hızla devam edersem 1 yıl içinde 70kg ve 1.75m olacağım! İşler yolunda..

İşte Babaanne ve Gramma'nın benimle fotoğrafları.

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Does life consist of just conversion of energy?

I get hungry; I get cranky. Mama feeds me; I become content, and all is well in the universe. Then I poop, I get kranky again. Papa changes my diaper, and I become content again. Between all this I sleep and sleep and sleep some more. It seems like all I do day in day out is converting energy from one form to another. Is this all there is? Is this what they call "growing" in this world? Not sure it's all that it's cracked up to be.

Then I see my parents looking at me and they seemed to be very happy (ok may be not so much when I'm really cranky and have them share my misery:) At least some of us are having fun!

Now they say this video is "cute". May bi so, too bad that there is no video of my parents face when I pulled the "smiling" act. That was priceless! And they call me the "sucker", pahh!

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Ben Maya, siz kimsiniz? I want to know you too!

Papa tells me that I have fans all around the this world who love me and happy to see my photos and videos. How wonderful! Hope you are enjoying them, but I wanted to get to know you too! It is true that I cannot see much further than my nose with any clarity yet but I'm working on it.

So I'd like to ask you send me your photos! Please include the names of the people on the photo and the city and country that you live. I want to visit you al some day! I know I know I can't even roll over yet and I'm stuck on my back when they put me on the bed, but I'm working on that too. Soon I'll be able to roll over, then walk, and then fly!  Please send your (digital) photos to mberkay at yahoo dot com, and they'll be on my fan photos site (coming to a theater near you soon!)

Babam bana dünyanın her yerinde sevenlerim olduğunu söylüyor. Sitemdeki fotoğraf ve videolarımda beni görmek sizi mutlu ediyormuş. Ne güzel! Madem siz benim fotoğraflarımı görmeyi seviyorsunuz bende sizin fotoğraflarınızı görmek istiyorum! Peki tamam henüz burnumun ucundan ilerisini göremiyor olabilirim ama babamın dediğine göre yakında daha iyi görebileceğim. O zaman sizin fotoğraflarınıza bakabileceğim. Kimbilir belki bir gün oralara sizi ziyarete gelirim! Tamam, tamam biliyorum henüz yatakta yüz üstü dönmeyi bile beceremiyor olabirim ama her gün alıştırma yapıyorum! Ayrıca annem ve babama istediklerimi yaptırmak gayet kolay oluyor, biraz bağırıp yüzümü değişik şekillere sokunca hemen istediğimi yapıyorlar. Kendim gelemezsem beni taşırlar sanırım, öyle değil mi?

Lütfen dijital bir fotoğrafınızı, fotoğraftaki insanların isimlerini ve hangi şehir ve ülkede yaşadığınızı mberkay yahoo nokta com adresine gönderin. Yakında açılacak olan foto sitemde fotoğrafarınızı görebileceksiniz! 

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