Does life consist of just conversion of energy?

I get hungry; I get cranky. Mama feeds me; I become content, and all is well in the universe. Then I poop, I get kranky again. Papa changes my diaper, and I become content again. Between all this I sleep and sleep and sleep some more. It seems like all I do day in day out is converting energy from one form to another. Is this all there is? Is this what they call "growing" in this world? Not sure it's all that it's cracked up to be.

Then I see my parents looking at me and they seemed to be very happy (ok may be not so much when I'm really cranky and have them share my misery:) At least some of us are having fun!

Now they say this video is "cute". May bi so, too bad that there is no video of my parents face when I pulled the "smiling" act. That was priceless! And they call me the "sucker", pahh!


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  1. ibiog said

    Maya– Your parents are right… that is a very cute video. And a very cute smile! (o:

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