Where are your pictures???

I was told that I'm a star! I was told that I had many fans through out the world. And I believed it. It made me very happy. I'm not so sure anymore. I asked my fans to send me their pictures so that I can get to know them too, but I received no pictures ­čśŽ May be I don't have any fans, and papa is making all this up to make me happy. Are you out there ?

Last sunday, the grand parents shift change has occurred. Gramma has left and Dede and Babaanne have arrived! The party in the Mollamustafaoglu residence is continuing.

I also had my doctor visit. Doctor told me that I'm now 3.9kg ve 54.5 cm (that is 8,6 pounds and 21.5 inches for you metric challenged:) This means that since birth my weight has increased 30 percent and I'm 10 percent taller. Simple projection suggests that I'll be 70kg and 1.75cm (154 pounds and 5.7) within a year! Yessss! can't wait!


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  1. nystross said

    Believe me, Maya — you definitely have fans! I may be your biggest groupie!

    NY Grampa

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