Life in the fast lane.

My life has been quite exciting lately. Apart from varios enjoyable poop stories, my parents urged me not to share in my blog (to protect my younger fans), there has been lots of activity. 

I had my first outing last Sunday to Geneva. My parents seemed to think it was a beautiful day and dede and babanne seemed to like the city, the lake and the mountains. Me, just enjoyed the ride in my 4×4 stroller. Liked the car ride too!

I also went to a "pool party" today. There was a lot of commotion before hand. Apprarently I got "dressed" (check out the photos). My parents, dede and babanne all were ridicuolusly excited. Not sure why everyone was so excited to dress me. It's not like it's not like I go around nude you kno. I get dressed every day (with some help).

Well I didn't see much of the party. There was a cute guy but he was too old for me (7 months!) and I didn't see much else since I was sleeping the whole time.


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