Papa, why do you have such big teeth?

Comrades, I’m concerned! I hear some things, very disturbing things..

There has always been some talk about food and eating around me. As I’m continuously hungry, I assumed the conversation was about how to feed me, when to feed me, etc. But lately I’m getting this odd feeling that they are not talking about feeding me, but feed off me!

Yesterday, I was in that zone between sleep and awakeness (where I spend many hours), and I can swear that I heard a conversation where my Mama and Papa were negotiating about who gets to eat what part of me! May be it was just a nightmare but it spooked me. Field reports had no mention of cannibalism in this world! I’m going to flip out if I hear one more time that my arms are really the best part, or Papa prefers my cheeks.

What’s in this “milk” they give me anyway, causing such disturbing dreams..


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