Misafirim var – Guest Blogger in the house!

Today I have a fellow newcomer reporting here.

I’m delighted to correspond with Ella. We have much to talk about from exchanging ideas on how to train our parents to best way time our poops. Please do not report our correspondence to Peter and Isa; it’s a secret!
Bugün bir misafirim var. Benim gibi dünyaya yeni gelmiş olan Ella’nın mesajını yayınlıyorum. Anlaşılan onun anne ve babası da benimkiler gibi biraz çaylaklar. Onları nasıl eğitebileceğimiz konusunda fikir alışverişinde bulunuyoruz.

Hi Maya,

You look great on your blog. I was reading it carefully as I was planning my own arrival and it helped a lot. Your right, I’ve only been here for just over a week, but these ‘parents’ need careful watching, I sometimes think (no, I know!) mine have never done this before (the one called ‘mummy’ even knitted me a woollen sweater but its nearly 100 F here in Paris, sheesh!), but if I scream loud enough they can usually work out what I want. But I do wish they wouldn’t laugh everytime my output unit malfunctions and poops out. I tried to teach them a lesson by putting it in overdrive, but they still find it amusing. I’m taking careful notes and am told that my adolescent crisis in around fifteen years time would be an ideal time to remind them of this.



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