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Kuzenim ve ben

Kuzenim Arielle, Mike Dayı ve Stacey Yenge taa Kalifornia’dan bizi ziyarete geldiler. Hafta sonu beraber Alplere gittik. İşte geçen haftadan fotoğraflar…


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I’m not a number. I’m a free baby!

Well this does it! Somebody tell Papa that I’m not a machine to be maintained but a human. Baby I may be, still human!

I can take this machine like behaviour anymore. Check out what he’s up to now. He is contemplating creating a “dashboard” to monitor all my “functions”. Sighhh. What am I going to do with him?

Baby Dashboard

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Arielle, Mike and Stacie are on their way!

I’ve been so busy, there’s hardly time to write! The other day I went to polo with my friend Peter (who is one day older than me). He told me that all the best babies go to polo to see and be seen. There were a lot of other babies there, but Peter and I were the cutest – or at least we had the coolest hats (check out the pictures). And I felt much better once mommy and daddy moved me out from behind the goalposts!

Mommy and daddy also took me to the village market, which seemed to mainly involve eating for the adults. I just rode around in the snugli and enjoyed the goofy smiles that people get on their faces when they see me. The next big thing is that my cousin Arielle and my Aunt Stacie and uncle Mike are coming to visit. I can’t wait – more people to play with me!

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bumper cars are fun!

Mommy and Julianne and I played bumper cars with some other cars today, but none of the adults seemed to be having any fun.  They all seemed worried about me, but I was no more jostled than when daddy hits those speed bumps in our village.  The car was fine too, I guess that’s why they call it a bumper!  In other news, my new friend Julianne is settling in and I’m having so much fun that I keep forgetting to sleep.  Then, I get kind of tired and cranky.  So mommy and daddy and Julianne try to get me to sleep, but life is
so interesting, I don’t want to miss anything.  After all, I’m putting my toes in my mouth (and it’s true, I do taste good!), rolling on my side, smiling and laughing, grabbing everything I can and stuffing it into my mouth, watching everything, and, and….zzzzzz

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Yine kaldık bizbize…

Nurten Hala ve Gizem Abla yoklar artık. Hayatımın büyük bir kısmını (üç de biri) onlarla geçirdikten sonra alışmak zor olacak. Beni de yanlarında götürme fikri cazipti ama bavulta seyahat etmeyi gözüm yemedi doğrusu!

Onlarla geçirdiğim 5 haftadan görüntüler aşağıda…

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Arielle, reporting from the west coast …

My favorite cousin Arielle also has a blog, reporting her experiences from sunny California. Make sure to check it out!

In other news, Mommy finally figured out to put me facing out in the snugli baby carrier that my uncle John gave me. All this time they put me facing in and I let them know right away that I didn’t like it. No offense to mommy and daddy, but their chests are really not all that interesting. Well, mommy’s is when I’m hungry, but not when I’m going for a walk! So, I got to see all kinds of interesting things, especially the faces of other people we passed on the street, who seemed to think I was especially cute. Could have been the hat that Iva knitted for me. Anyway, I’m looking forward (so to speak) to more walks now!

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