bumper cars are fun!

Mommy and Julianne and I played bumper cars with some other cars today, but none of the adults seemed to be having any fun.  They all seemed worried about me, but I was no more jostled than when daddy hits those speed bumps in our village.  The car was fine too, I guess that’s why they call it a bumper!  In other news, my new friend Julianne is settling in and I’m having so much fun that I keep forgetting to sleep.  Then, I get kind of tired and cranky.  So mommy and daddy and Julianne try to get me to sleep, but life is
so interesting, I don’t want to miss anything.  After all, I’m putting my toes in my mouth (and it’s true, I do taste good!), rolling on my side, smiling and laughing, grabbing everything I can and stuffing it into my mouth, watching everything, and, and….zzzzzz


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  1. okaym said

    bu kizi yerim ben…

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