Arielle, Mike and Stacie are on their way!

I’ve been so busy, there’s hardly time to write! The other day I went to polo with my friend Peter (who is one day older than me). He told me that all the best babies go to polo to see and be seen. There were a lot of other babies there, but Peter and I were the cutest – or at least we had the coolest hats (check out the pictures). And I felt much better once mommy and daddy moved me out from behind the goalposts!

Mommy and daddy also took me to the village market, which seemed to mainly involve eating for the adults. I just rode around in the snugli and enjoyed the goofy smiles that people get on their faces when they see me. The next big thing is that my cousin Arielle and my Aunt Stacie and uncle Mike are coming to visit. I can’t wait – more people to play with me!


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