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Help! They’re trying to suck my brain out!

Mayday, mayday…

Just when I thought things were getting better, they turned out for the worse. I think my parents watched too many sci-fi flicks and have decide to perform some experiments on me!

They ganged up on me, pinned me down ( I can take out one of them but can’t handle both at the same time yet!) and stick this gadget up my nose and tried to suck my brain out! No joke! May be someone told them that infant brain is a delicacy? Well, they’ll just have to find something else to eat!


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Video Bonanza – 3

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Video Bonanza – 2

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Video Bonanza -1

If one picture is worth thousands words, how many words would a 10 second video be worth?

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So this is what “real food” tastes like …

For several months, I’ve been dying to find out what all the fuss is about. Significant portion of the lives of the adults seem to evolve around eating. It’s not just the “eating” ritual that they do several times a day. They “prepare” the food, they talk about food, and listen to this: there are books! even television programs about food! No, no, this is not one of my subtle jokes; I am serious. They seem to be obsessed with food. So, you can imagine why I’ve been so eager to find out what’s going on.

W ell comrades, let me tell you! not sure about whether the whole obsession thing is justified, but this food thing is jolly good! It’s even better than my current favorite “plastic”.

So far, I had apples and carrots, and they are yummy, and the colors are pretty. I can do so much more than just “eating” them, but my parents don’t seem to be appreciating my creative impulses, they keep blocking my efforts to grab the food. But no worries, resistance is futile, I WILL get to the food.

I’ve also heard that peas are next in the list. Wonder what color will that be…

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I have a tooth! / Dişim çıktı!

Stop the presses … I now have a tooth. It itches a lot and a drool a lot but now I can bite!

On related news, I also start eating solids. I like mama’s milk but it was time for some new flavors. Apples are yummy (ignore the faces I make in the photos, I was caught off guard 🙂

Artık benimde dişim var ve yemek yemeye (ve kafamı bozanları ısırmaya) hazırım. Zaten bu hafta artık yemek yemeye de başladım. Cidden ya! inanmıyormusunuz? O zaman fotoğraflara bakın.

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Beni bırakıp gitmek yok!

Babam geçen hafta evde yoktu. Neymiş, iş seyahatindeymiş! Hah. Benden izin almadan ne seyahati bu böyle?

Hafta sonu dönüpte sabah benimle oynamak için geldiğinde onu tanımamazlıktan geldim; yüzünün halini görmeliydiniz!

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