So this is what “real food” tastes like …

For several months, I’ve been dying to find out what all the fuss is about. Significant portion of the lives of the adults seem to evolve around eating. It’s not just the “eating” ritual that they do several times a day. They “prepare” the food, they talk about food, and listen to this: there are books! even television programs about food! No, no, this is not one of my subtle jokes; I am serious. They seem to be obsessed with food. So, you can imagine why I’ve been so eager to find out what’s going on.

W ell comrades, let me tell you! not sure about whether the whole obsession thing is justified, but this food thing is jolly good! It’s even better than my current favorite “plastic”.

So far, I had apples and carrots, and they are yummy, and the colors are pretty. I can do so much more than just “eating” them, but my parents don’t seem to be appreciating my creative impulses, they keep blocking my efforts to grab the food. But no worries, resistance is futile, I WILL get to the food.

I’ve also heard that peas are next in the list. Wonder what color will that be…


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