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bougie boguie, Kara lahana cenneti

I’m getting into the groove now, oh yeah, I got the Ray Charles routine down, soon I’ll be able to do a moonwalk!

We also had visitors this week. Estella seems to be really good dancer, may be she can teach me some moves later as well.

Babannemle bizim köyün oralarda yürüyüş yapıyorduk, birden heyecanlandılar, meğerse kara lahana tarlası görmüşler. Çok matah bir şeye de benzemiyor neden bu kadar tantana yaptılar anlayamadım. Fotolarda var artık siz karar verin.


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I can see the other side of the sun!

I turned six months old today and I’m very excited. So, as soon as the clock struck midnight last night, I was ready to party. But, no one was around, so I used my well-honed vocal skills to gather the troops. But no one wanted to party, so eventually I had to go back to sleep.

First thing this morning I decided to try again and this time Babanne was willing to celebrate with me for awhile. Good thing someone around here is on my wavelength! In other news, I made my first international trip on Sunday – to France. I couldn’t see very well or move very much since I was so bundled up, but far as I could tell, it looked an awful lot like Switzerland. I did almost get my hands on some crepes though…

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Change of guard

Something strange happened on Thursday night. I was in my crib, trying NOT to sleep when all the sudden there was some commotion downstairs and when mommy and I came downstairs, Julianne had only one leg and was hopping around! I thought that looked pretty funny, but she didn’t look like she was having much fun. Then I saw her again the next day and this time she seemed to have three legs! though the two new ones did not look like the old one, and apparently they are not as good.
Turns out, she has to use these sticks to walk and now she can’t carry me around! Next thing I know, Julianne is gone and I’m left with mommy and daddy again (slightly concerned!) . Julianne used to put clothes on me a lot, but other than that, I liked her, and she never tried to suck my brains out. I have heard reports that a certain “Babanne” person may be coming soon though. I seem to have some recollection of this person, way back in my youth, but I’m not sure. My dad talks to the machine he uses from time to time and tells me it’s “babanne”, which is concern all by itself, but even worse if he’s right, babanne is this tiny person as big as my hand!

Meanwhile, I’ve been amusing myself by sitting around and playing with my toys as well as trying new foods. Pumpkin and sweet potato are delicious! But I’m starting to wonder – is all (good) food orange?

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