Who’s the princess around here ?

It seemed clear that I was royalty and the others in my entourage were there to serve me. All I had to do was make some noise and my every need was attended to. But now I’m starting to think that maybe it was all a mirage and that actually, I’m a second-class citizen!

I see mommy and daddy piling their plates with all kinds of interesting things, but when I go for it, they push it out of my reach. I’m only allowed to eat the same old mushed up fruits and vegetables, and the latest injustice – rice cereal!

And mommy and daddy play with all kinds of interesting toys, especially the “laptop.” But they don’t let me join in, and try to distract me with silly plastic toys and stuffed animals. And only on rare occassions do I get my hands on the “remote” and then as soon as I try to take a little taste of it, they take it away!

So, I’m left to amuse myself the best I can, most recently by grabbing whatever part of mommy or daddy’s face is closest and pull on it really hard. Now they seem to even want to limit my efforts in that regard. What is left for me? There is some hope. I heard there is a far off land where “grandma” and “grandpa” live. Supposedly babies have a much higher status in “grandma and grandpa land” than here in “mommy and daddy land.” I can’t wait!



  1. nystross said

    Guess what, Maya — Grandma and Grandpa can’t wait either! We enjoy the pics and vids, but soon — the real thing! It will be nice to see your mommy and daddy, too.

  2. Pattie said

    What a happy baby!

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