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visit to my homeland (one of them at least!)

Once I finally got to America, it was very exciting. I really like this new place – so many people to play with and so many new toys! Grandma and Grandpa are lots of fun and seem to have permanent smiles on their faces, at least when they are looking at me and my cousin Arielle. I like them a lot, even though when mommy and daddy weren’t looking they put antlers on my head!

Uncle John taught me how to play the animal piano and Uncle Mike tried to teach me to say “Uncle Mike,” which I actually said over and over, but no one understood me. (May be they should learn how to “listen”!)

Aunt Stacie and Arielle played with me a lot too, although the most fascinating toy (their hair) remained mostly out of reach. They have a very cool custom in America that involves giving lots of paper wrapped in enticing bows and ribbons. I could have chewed on them all day! Unfortunately, they kept taking the paper and ribbons off. Luckily, what was underneath was fun to play with too. Unfortunately, just as I was getting used to my new lifestyle, we got back on the plane and came back home. I hope I get to go back soon!

Here are some videos from the trip:

Sledding with Mama:

Taking a bath in the duckie:

Horse riding with Uncle Mike:


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fly like a bird / kuş misali

The year end was full of adventures. I have not filed any reports for a long time so I don’t know where to start!

It turns out, humans can fly! well with the aid of some machinery but still who would have thought..

We’ve visited grandpa and grandma in the “new world” (I didn’t know we were in the old one). After three flights we were in Rochester, NY, my parents’ old stumping ground. Apparently planes don’t work so well in the fog, our flight from Geneva to London took 5 hours!

I was told that air travel is serious business, and there are many rules. They were not kidding! We were not allowed to get up in the plane, although plane was just sitting on the runway for hours, just in case it decided to “move” (I didn’t know that planes had minds of their own?). Oh, and getting on to the plane was fun also. For a while, I thought my cover was blown! Authorities were suspicious of me, they thought I was concealing something so they made me take of my jacket and my shoes while going through the metal detectors. They also seemed interested in my food for some reason.

Another rule is that I am told that I have to be tied up to a chair at all times when travelling in a car for my own security. As you can imagine, I don’t enjoy this practice (apparently grownups don’t either since they don’t always seem to tie themselves up? Anyway, I thought I got lucky since my “car seat” did not make the trip. No such luck, grandpa and gramma found another seat for me.

We also spent a night in NY before we got to Rochester and met with friends of my parents, Jessica and Akın. I am told that they are going to have a “baby” as well, I thought I’d give them one last warning but apparently I’m too late. They seem to be quite excited, I hope exchange notes with the baby when s/he arrives about “parent care”.

That’s it for now. I’ll tell you all about our time with Grandpa & Gramma’s place in the next report. For now, enjoy the photos!

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