visit to my homeland (one of them at least!)

Once I finally got to America, it was very exciting. I really like this new place – so many people to play with and so many new toys! Grandma and Grandpa are lots of fun and seem to have permanent smiles on their faces, at least when they are looking at me and my cousin Arielle. I like them a lot, even though when mommy and daddy weren’t looking they put antlers on my head!

Uncle John taught me how to play the animal piano and Uncle Mike tried to teach me to say “Uncle Mike,” which I actually said over and over, but no one understood me. (May be they should learn how to “listen”!)

Aunt Stacie and Arielle played with me a lot too, although the most fascinating toy (their hair) remained mostly out of reach. They have a very cool custom in America that involves giving lots of paper wrapped in enticing bows and ribbons. I could have chewed on them all day! Unfortunately, they kept taking the paper and ribbons off. Luckily, what was underneath was fun to play with too. Unfortunately, just as I was getting used to my new lifestyle, we got back on the plane and came back home. I hope I get to go back soon!

Here are some videos from the trip:

Sledding with Mama:

Taking a bath in the duckie:

Horse riding with Uncle Mike:


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