Too busy to write ?

Since I haven’t reported on anything in a while, you might think that not much must have been going on in my life. Far from it, quite the opposite! I’ve been busy training mommy and daddy and Petra to assist my movements around the house.

Previously, they just carted me along wherever they wanted me to go, plopping me on the changing table, in the crib, or on my playmat. Meanwhile, all the most interesting toys are hidden elsewhere around the house. Now, I have trained them to hold my hands while I lead them to the treasure troves of toys, such as “cupboards” and “drawers” containing fascinating items like bottled water, tupperware and neatly folded clothes.

To thank them for their assistance, I helpfully remove these items from the cupboards and drawers, but they don’t seem to understand, since they just put them right back afterwards. It’s no matter, soon I won’t need their assistance anymore anyway. When they are not looking, I pull myself up onto my feet, holding on to whatever is closest. I think mommy saw me do this the other day though, so my cover may be blown. I’m working hard on gaining independence from their assistance, since they still try to steer me away from the most fascinating stuff, like the stereo, electrical cords and the forbidden nirvana – garbage cans!


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