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Maya zaman makinasında


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enforcements have arrived – welcome Emmet Barış!

I have some delightful news to share with you all. Emmet Barış Arıkan has joined our ranks at March 13th!

We may be small but we’re growing. Resistance is futile!

Looking at Emmet’s photos reminded me my youth, sighh… the early months, things were different then …

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There is order in chaos!

For the most part, I’ve accepted the fact that my parents are slow learners and I need to be patient with them. In general, this “revelation” serves me well, makes me a calmer, happier baby, but sometimes I just can’t take it. My daddy seems to be obsessed with “organizing” my stuff. I’d say he’s neat freak, but I’ve seen his office. Not even close!

So I don’t understand why he keeps putting things “together”. I work very hard on taking everything out of the boxes they are stuffed into, and spread them around, making it homely, yu no, making it mine, and then he comes again messing it all up.

This morning I thought I’d try a different tack and “organize” my blocks like the Scorpius constellation, hoping that he’d appreciate the gesture, but no. He didn’t even notice. What do they teach them in school these days?

He’s still insisting on organizing them “by color”. Gimme a break, I’m a baby not an idiot!


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Happy Birthday Mommy !

Papa told me that today is my mommy’s birthday. From what I understand, this is important and every year (the time measurement unit around here that uses planetary motions!) it is celebrated.

I have not been around long enough to celebrate a birthday but papa has told me that time is near!

Anyway, I can’t wait to “celebrate” my mommy’s birthday, so this morning I’ll wake up extra early so that I’m the first one to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY (or more like da dah ya muahh muahh va which is the same thing in my language)


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Keeping tabs on my parents

Daddy has been traveling a lot lately, which really interferes with my need to have him at my beck and call at all times. I tried many things, such as being really cute, saying “baba, baba” over and over again, but nothing seemed to work. So, I decided that in spite of my cuteness, I don’t seem to have the necessary influence over daddy’s actions.

This week, I tried another strategy. I figured, if I can’t influence daddy, maybe I can influence someone else who can… Mommy! While daddy was gone, I managed to come down with a high fever which kept me (and mommy) up for several nights, right when mommy was particularly busy at work. She sure did seem relieved to see daddy when he came home. And by then, my fever was mostly gone, so I was back in shape to party with both of them all weekend. We’ll see if my strategy works. I hope so, since being sick was not all that fun for me either. Especially the part where they squirt the medecine down my throat, or try stuffing it in other unmentionable places. Otherwise, I’ve been busy learning how to crawl. I don’t mind crawling as long as it’s not too far. If it’s too far, I find it’s much easier just to wimper until one of my assistants brings me wherever I need to go.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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