Keeping tabs on my parents

Daddy has been traveling a lot lately, which really interferes with my need to have him at my beck and call at all times. I tried many things, such as being really cute, saying “baba, baba” over and over again, but nothing seemed to work. So, I decided that in spite of my cuteness, I don’t seem to have the necessary influence over daddy’s actions.

This week, I tried another strategy. I figured, if I can’t influence daddy, maybe I can influence someone else who can… Mommy! While daddy was gone, I managed to come down with a high fever which kept me (and mommy) up for several nights, right when mommy was particularly busy at work. She sure did seem relieved to see daddy when he came home. And by then, my fever was mostly gone, so I was back in shape to party with both of them all weekend. We’ll see if my strategy works. I hope so, since being sick was not all that fun for me either. Especially the part where they squirt the medecine down my throat, or try stuffing it in other unmentionable places. Otherwise, I’ve been busy learning how to crawl. I don’t mind crawling as long as it’s not too far. If it’s too far, I find it’s much easier just to wimper until one of my assistants brings me wherever I need to go.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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  1. nystross said


    I must recommend that you choose another method to get your caretakers’ attention — I have some experience with this. Although it is very effective, there is significant personal risk. Please avoid this technique in the future!

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