There is order in chaos!

For the most part, I’ve accepted the fact that my parents are slow learners and I need to be patient with them. In general, this “revelation” serves me well, makes me a calmer, happier baby, but sometimes I just can’t take it. My daddy seems to be obsessed with “organizing” my stuff. I’d say he’s neat freak, but I’ve seen his office. Not even close!

So I don’t understand why he keeps putting things “together”. I work very hard on taking everything out of the boxes they are stuffed into, and spread them around, making it homely, yu no, making it mine, and then he comes again messing it all up.

This morning I thought I’d try a different tack and “organize” my blocks like the Scorpius constellation, hoping that he’d appreciate the gesture, but no. He didn’t even notice. What do they teach them in school these days?

He’s still insisting on organizing them “by color”. Gimme a break, I’m a baby not an idiot!



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  1. acerbezer said

    Biraz daha büyü Türkiye’de seni gezdirmek istiyoruz…..

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