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my evolution: early days …

It’s been almost a earth year since my arrival to this universe, and my progress is slow but steady. I can walk now and I shall soon conquer the forbidden zones in our house! Resistance is futile.

Here is an evidence of my progress comrades..

It all started slowly. Notice the excellent coaching team.

Then I got better at it …

And kept practicing every day …

And finally I can walk myself now!


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Seen a lot, written little

Three weeks with no report… My sincere apologies comrades. I’ve been spoiled with earthly pleasures! Flesh is weak.

Here we are in Chamonix, France, Aosta, Italy, Lake Como, Italy and Luzerne, Switzerland.

Turumuza Fransa’da Chamonix kasabasından başlıyoruz. Daha sonra İtalya’da Aosta ve Como Gölü ile devam ediyoruz. En son olarak İsviçre’de Luzerne’de öğle yemeğinden sonra evimize döndük.

Sonra dedem de bize katıldı ve Fransada Yvoire’ya gittik. Herkes dondurmaya bayıldı. Ben tabi ancak ikinci elden tadına bakabildim.

Next I’ll report on my physical activities. Stay tuned for “Maya: The evolution”

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Babannem burada dede nerede ?

Well I’m very busy these days, no time for reports. I’m preparing for the iron baby competition, which involves crawling, running, and chariot racing.
As you can see from the pictures, I’m exercising rigorously. Babanne is my both my coach and my dietitian. With the good stuff that I’m eating, I’m confident that I’ll kick bum!

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