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my first birthday – iyiki doğmuşum :)

Today’s my first birthday! The planet earth (go around the Sun, it’s the 3rd blueish rock, you can’t miss it) has completed its first trip since I got here. Hurray!

Naturally (Earth custom) , a celebration is in order. We have actually started the celebrations yesterday, as it was also the birthday of a friend of mine (check out the photos) who had arrived a day earlier than I had. Celebrations will continue throughout the week, with the big finale coming up next Sunday in Turkey! Stay tuned for the news…

The cycles of the planetary motions aside, I have a lot to celebrate. Life is getting better everyday. The weather is nice, I play outside from time to time now. I’m a lot more mobile and can go where I want now. Though I still have difficulty tackling the “doors”. They keep closing them to confine me to a location. me don’t like that! No worries, I’m working on that too, I’ll get over this hump soon enough.

My new found mobility has allowed me to investigate more throughly. I can now get into the cupboards and drawers. Strangely, I could not find much in the drawers I’ve got into. I’m a bit puzzled, as I’m sure I saw my parents put things in there before. Not sure where all the stuff went? There are couple of cupboards that I’m not yet able to open since they use some tricky gadgets to keep them locked. I suspect they’ve moved the good stuff into those cupboards. Nice try, but I will get into them eventually. It’s just a matter of time!

Here are some photos and a video from the last week.

a sleep while eating


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