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Enjoying the summer

Son zamanlarda raporlarımda aksamalar oldu, kusura bakmayın. Havaların güzelleşmesiyle birlikte bilgisayar başında oturmakda iyice zorlaştı. Babam nasıl yapıyor hiç anlamıyorum. Neyse en azından fotoğrafları koyayım dedim!


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baby in a bathrobe

In “Cute baby’s guide to the world”, page 48, it says “Babies in bathrobes are adorable. The bathrobe combined with wet hair increases the cuteness grade by a factor of 2.3.”

Dunno, you decide.

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Okay & Fatma in Geneva and Mürren rocks!

Comrades, my apologies. I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I feel like I’ve been holding up my end of the bargain (being cute, photogenic, doing all kinds of new amazing things), but my “technical assistants” have been falling down on the job. It’s so hard to find good help these days. It was like cutting a new tooth getting these guys to put up this latest batch of pictures. And there’s even more to tell now that Uncle Okay and Aunt Fatma are here to entertain me. I promise to use all my (considerable) persuasion skills to get the next post up in a more timely fashion.

I’m having great fun with Uncle Okay and Aunt Fatma. I’ve been using every trick in the “cute baby’s guide to the world” to encourage them to host one of my comrades 🙂

We’ve just come back from a weekend trip to Jungfrau region. As you will see from the photos, Mürren is a spectacular place. I propose that we make it the base of our operations. There, we can take our time “planning” our next moves. No need to hurry …

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