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Traveling the world

Comrades! I’m guilty, and I admit it. I’ve been indulging myself with earthly pleasures and neglecting my duties.

With the last 6 weeks, I’ve traveled to from west coast of US (Monterey, California) to east coast (Rochester, NY), to Ankara, Turkey and finally came back to Geneva. It has not been all “fun”. Travel on earth is a primitive affair. They stuff you into pressurized tubes (they call them planes) with lots of people where you can get up and move around. The travel seems to be preceded by some sort of a cultural ritual. My parents (though participating in this ritual) do not seem to enjoy them very much. At one part, dad started taking off his clothes making me think that we had to be naked to travel on the plane, luckily after taking his shoes, jacket, and belt.

Another annoying part is the different day/night arrangements they have in different parts of the world. They kept trying to convince me that it was “morning” where I perfectly knew that it wasn’t. They kept waking me up or forcing me to sleep or wake up in different hours. Just when I got used to the new hours, they changed them again! Not good. I’ll have to have a chat with the authorities about this at some point.

Anyway, enough of my complaints! I had great time and met with lots of people of all sizes. Now I’m back at home and it’s very quite again, just mama and papa. But I hear that someone new is coming! More on that later!


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