brother in arms

Reinforcements have arrived. Welcome brother Ilhan, I’ll be with you soon!



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Maya the sensation

I can’t stop looking at my pictures. In fact they tell me it’s becoming difficult to take a picture since I rush to see the camera. Well I can’t help it, I’m just too cute 🙂

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Going round and round: veeeeeee!

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holidays holidays

Following through reports of a human that may have mastered quantum teleporting, I’ve track down and found this being referred to as “Santa”. He has not revealed his secrets in our first meeting but I continue to monitor him. He promised to visit me again in couple of days and I found out that he has promised the same to all kids. I think this may be an opportune time to observe his powers!

And apparently event if I cannot figure out his powers, I’ll get a present anyway. Not bad, no?

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Maya in Halloween

I infiltrated the ranks of another species on earth this month.
lady bug

My next target are the roosters as soon as I can master their language. My mom is helping me with the accent!   Rumor has it, they have control over the rise of the sun! powerful species…

You can see more photos on mayadeniz ning site

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A new cousin

My new cousin has started broadcasting even before his arrival 🙂

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change of guard

In my last post, I’ve mentioned that I had some news. I know that there are rumors of a new agent being sent to help with the investigations. I can assure you that these are just rumors! It’s true that there has been discussions in the upper echelons and I have requested a partner in crime and help is arrived: say hello to Aga!

Aga and Maya

I’ve been hanging out with Aga the last of weeks and we’ve been having great time!

Here are some photos of my visit to Turkey, with babanne and the gang. Enjoy!

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